Spring ensemble hits the runway in 2 weeks

That the Nationals would be unveiling a redesigned uniform this off-season was a poorly kept secret. The new duds will be revealed at an invitation-only affair at the park on November 10, and will be available for purchase the next day.

Insiders say the new home jersey will say “Nationals” in a red script trimmed in navy with a flourish underneath. The full block number style and logo will no longer feature gold trim, a feature added by MLB when they designed the uniform originally in 2004. Presumably the principal logo for the team will change as well, though don’t be shocked if the block style w/drop shadow “Nationals” stays as a secondary logo. I don’t think they’re likely to replace the huge illuminated “NATIONALS” letters above the scoreboard anytime soon.

I’d love to see the Nats drop the player’s names on the backs of the jerseys at home. It’s a clean, classic look, and works quite well for clubs like the Red Sox, Giants, and Yankees. I’m not holding my breath that they’ll do that, however.

By the way, doesn’t it look ridiculous to see a Yankee fan wearing a replica pinstripe jersey that has a #3 on the back and the name “RUTH” arched above it? They do it for current players as well. At that point, it ceases to be a real replica, doesn’t it?

I hear that the road cap will also change, though exactly how is yet to be revealed. I think they’d like to keep a navy blue element to it, but count on some red somewhere. I’m partial to the 1963-67 Senators cap which was navy with red stripes that were sewn aong the cap’s vertical seams. The curly W was red trimmed in white.

I wouldn’t fret if I’d purchased a Nats’ jersey recently. The old style will still be evident on fans around the park for years to come. It’ll show everyone that you’re a veteran of Nats’ baseball...and have an eye for a bargain.