Comings & goings on deadline eve

The trading deadline is Sunday at 4 p.m., and the Nationals aren’t letting any grass grow under them waiting. Today they shipped Jason Marquis to Arizona for a Single-A shortstop and Jerry Hairston Jr. to Milwaukee for a Double-A outfielder. Without getting into too many specifics, I think, of the two departed veterans, they’ll miss Hairston the most.

Hairston’s been around the block, has been involved in a few playoff races and should give the Brewers exactly what they’re looking for over the next nine weeks. He’s also a solid clubhouse presence, a role he performed exceptionally well in Washington. He gave the Nationals their money’s worth, no doubt about it.

I must say, I never quite understood why it was necessary to introduce Jerry as “JERRY HAIRSTON.....JUNIOR!” whenever he was coming to the plate. Was there really a possibility that some fan would mistake him for his dad, who retired more than 20 years ago? Is you’re going to do that, then by all means, introduce those players who have children named after them as so-and-so SENIOR.

Hairston may very well be one of those players who transition into coaching or managing, or the front office when they retire. He’s a genuine student of the game, and his passion for the game is palpable.

As for Marquis, he’s got the playoff experience the D’Backs can use down the stretch. He’ll take his turn and eat a lot of innings, and we’ll see how that Staten Island sinkerball behaves in an air-conditioned environment. Marquis is a gamer in the truest sense of the word, and his stint in Colorado gave him the kind of National League West resume Arizona found attractive.

The tweaking continues on South Capitol Street....