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Let's bring the "Old Fox" to Southeast

On October 27, 1955, Clark Griffith passed away at 85. Griffith, who had been associated with Washington's American League baseball team since 1912, was buried in the Fort Lincoln Cemetery in Brentwood, Md., and a year later, a monument was dedicated to the "Old Fox" outside of Griffith Stadium. You know the rest of the story: His nephew - and adopted son - Calvin moved

Looking back at Lock

I was perusing a sports memorabilia auction catalog this morning and was surprised to see Don Lock's 1967 Phillies jersey among the items up for bid. If you're a child of the 1970s, chances are that Lock's name doesn't mean anything to you. Those of us who lived and died with the expansion Senators, however, pause with some degree of reverence. Lock was a slugging

Yada yada yada, it's Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone - if you're actually celebrating at home and not out shopping. We'll have our meal in about an hour. Denny's is ready whenever we are. By the way, one small travel note this Thanksgiving: A four-way stop means that everyone stops. It does not mean that if you approach a four-way stop and others are already stopped there, they're not doing that

Miss Eckhardt's history class 11/22/63

The place was Ellen Glasgow Intermediate School in Fairfax County. The concept of middle school hadn't yet arrived, and intermediate school was for seventh- and eighth-graders. I was in the eighth grade, and sitting at my desk in Miss Eckhardt's history class, last period, 48 years ago today. I was seated in the row of desks closest to the windows, which looked out upon, well,

Maybe Chuck Hinton was born too late for immortality

It was my pleasure last night to emcee the baseball portion of the 50th anniversary celebration dinner for RFK Stadium at the D.C. Convention Center. I gave a brief overview of the Senators' 10 seasons there and the Nationals' three campaigns at the old ballpark. When it was over, I chatted briefly with Chuck Hinton, who was the last expansion Senator to bat .300 (.310

How short is too short?

When Cleveland general manager Frank Lane traded reigning American League home run champion - and huge fan favorite - Rocky Colavito to the Tigers for batting champion Harvey Kuenn just before opening day 1960, Lane was famously quoted saying "I just traded hamburger for steak." It was a trade that was heavily criticized at the time, inasmuch as Colavito was seen as far more of

Ramos abduction casts a pall on offseason

When you think back of dreadful things that happened to major league ballplayers in the offseason, you usually come up with Roy Campanella's career-ending car accident the winter of 1957-58; Monty Stratton's career-ending hunting accident the winter of 1938-39 (the motion picture "The Stratton Story" gives the impression he made it back to the big leagues - he did not); and Jim Lonborg's career-altering skiing

Bench coach selection could be critical decision

I'm intrigued by the upcoming hire of a new Nationals bench coach by Davey Johnson. Inasmuch as it's already been decided that Bo Porter will remain as third base coach, I have to wonder what criteria will be used to select a new dugout sidekick for Johnson. Could it be someone already on the staff? Trent Jewett took over as first base coach after the

Nats add Rizzi to front office mix

The addition of veteran scout Ron Rizzi to the Nationals' brain trust is yet another example of the ballclub's commitment to building a winner for the long term. Rizzi, who's scouted for the Dodgers, Brewers and Pirates over a long career in the game, has been singled out many times by Dodger GM Ned Colletti as being an integral part of that franchise's four trips

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