Yada yada yada, it’s Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone - if you’re actually celebrating at home and not out shopping. We’ll have our meal in about an hour. Denny’s is ready whenever we are.

By the way, one small travel note this Thanksgiving: A four-way stop means that everyone stops. It does not mean that if you approach a four-way stop and others are already stopped there, they’re not doing that so you don’t have to stop. You still have to stop. And put down the damn cellphone while you’re at it.

We’re only a week and a half out from the Winter Meetings in Dallas. I’m sure the Nationals would love to nail down a free agent target before then, but that’s just wishful thinking. Their initial target, Roy Oswalt, was supplanted the other day by Mark Buehrle, if you believe the news reports. general manager Mike Rizzo flew out to St. Louis to meet with the veteran lefty, sort of a get-acquainted session to display the Nationals’ sincerity. The Phillies opted not to offer arbitration to Oswalt, which means the team that signs him won’t have to surrender a draft pick, which may move Oswalt back to the top of the list. We’ll see.

By the way, the White Sox offered Buehrle arbitration - he’s a type B free agent - but did not offer it to Juan Pierre, also a Type B. Pierre is a 34-year-old journeyman, but could represent a short-term answer in the outfield. He hasn’t been a regular center fielder since 2007, but could probably still play there as well as Jayson Werth defensively. Pierre has a career .345 OBP, and stole 68 bases as recently as 2010. This isn’t a recommendation; just thinking out loud. I know the ballclub covets the Yankees’ Brett Gardner, but he may not be easily obtainable.

For those of you camping out at some big box store for Black Friday bargains, dress warm and stay hydrated. I used to camp out in front of Veneman Music back in the 1960s the night before their George Washington’s Birthday Sale. Those were some cold February nights, but the deals were frequently incredibly good if you were among the first 10 or so people in line. I’ve seen tents pitched in front of a few stores near me, but it’s bargain-hunters, unless there’s a new Occupy Target political movement under way I missed the memo on.

Pace yourselves today - go easy on the stuffing, save room for dessert and wear something with an elastic waistband.