Ravens players foundations

Brigance’s Brigade:

Former Ravens linebacker and current Director of Player Development O.J. Brigance is currently fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and he wants you to join the cause against this debilitating illness through his foundation, Brigance’s Brigade. Learn more...

John Beck, Friends For Football Foundation:

The Friends for Football Foundation has been organized to find youth who love the game of football but because of financial circumstances are unable to pay the signup fee for organized leagues.

Through the charitable arm, Beck will provide these young men with the opportunity to play in their local leagues so they can enjoy the excitement and fun of the game while learning life skills that will help them be successful off of the field. Visit friendsforfootball.org for additional information.

Matt Birk, Matt Birk’s HIKE Foundation:

The mission of Matt Birk’s HIKE Foundation is to provide at-risk Baltimore-area children with the educational opportunities needed to excel in the classroom and in life. For more information, please visit hikefoundation.org.

Mark Clayton, Mark Clayton Foundation:

The mission of the Mark Clayton Foundation is to be dedicated in serving the community by promoting a road of positive choices and relating the importance of establishing goals for our youth while empowering their minds to be successful.

For more information, visit www.clayton89.com.

Todd Heap, Todd Heap Foundation:

The Todd Heap Foundation, established in 2007, will provide assistance to children and families in need. Heap recently pledged $1 million in support of a new Pediatric Center at Franklin Square Hospital Center that will be part of a future seven-story patient care tower.

Matt Katula, Matt Katula Foundation:

The Matt Katula Foundation exists to provide for the growth and development of community sports programs. The nonprofit organization intends to help children that need financial support and guidance to achieve their goals.

For more information, visit www.perfectlaces.com.

Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis Foundation:

The Ray Lewis Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation whose mission is to provide personal and economic assistance to disadvantaged youth. Ray has built a strong reputation on and off the field as a leader who cares enough to get things done. Since Ray first arrived in Baltimore, he has been a community staple when it pertains to helping the youth.

Annually, Ray hosts a back to school kickoff event, the Ray Lewis Great Maryland Duck Derby, a Thanksgiving donation to 440 of Baltimore’s neediest families and a Holiday Gift Marketplace where youth can “shop” for gifts for themselves and loved ones.

For more information, visit www.raylewis52.com.

Derrick Martin, Derrick Martin Foundation:

Established in 2007, the Derrick Martin Foundation aims to improve the lives of underprivileged kids and single-parent homes in need in the Baltimore and Denver areas.

To achieve this goal, the foundation will focus on various charitable efforts, including the advancement of youth camps, in particular football camps, arts and activities for the youth and those underserved communities.

The foundation will host its first football camp in the summer of 2008 in Denver, Colorado. Additional events include sponsoring Thanksgiving dinner giveaways and toy drives around the holiday season.

For more information, visit www.Derrick-Martin.net.

Derrick Mason, Derrick Mason Foundation:

The Derrick Mason Foundation was established to provide at-risk children and families in the Nashville area with opportunities to pursue their dreams. The foundation will provide interactive programs and events that directly benefit children who face serious challenges in their lives such as mental and/or physical challenges or the environment in which they live.

Ed Reed, Eye of the Hurricane Foundation:

Ed Reed established the Eye of the Hurricane Foundation to give back to his community. In addition to holding football camps at Destrehan (LA) High School and assisting youth in his hometown, Ed adopted Booker T. Washington Middle School in Baltimore. He visits the school regularly and provides tickets to students for Ravens home games.

Samari Rolle, Rolle With Me Foundation:

The Rolle With Me Foundation, veteran cornerback Samari Rolle’s charitable arm, provides helping hands to those in need. With funds raised through several annual events, the non-profit organization purchases Thanksgiving dinners for families in need, provides equipment for youth athletic leagues and donates book bags and school supplies to underprivileged children

L.J. Smith, L.J. Smith Charitable Fund:

The LJ Smith Charitable Fund will provide scholarships to students in need in the Baltimore-area and Smith’s hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Troy Smith, Troy Smith Foundation:

The mission of the Troy Smith Foundation is to engage in collaboration with organizations and individuals committed to providing a hand up for deserving, challenged inner-city youth through scholarships, mentoring and unknown opportunity exposures. The charitable arm is based on four core values: education, fitness, teamwork and victory.

The Troy Smith Foundation will partner in the form of financial support, volunteer guidance and assistance with organizations that need and provide educational and recreational scholarships to challenged inner-city youth who demonstrate a commitment to not only their own lot in life, but the community as a whole.

Willis McGahee, Willis McGahee Foundation:

The Willis McGahee Foundation was established to help underprivileged children in the Baltimore area by providing them with the tools, resources and encouragement they need to become self sufficient young people with a sense of high self-worth.

The Willis McGahee Foundation provides toys at the holidays, Thanksgiving meals, schools supplies, books and educational materials and dental supplies to children in need and their families. In early 2009, The foundation was honored by the Howard County Government for the support of county children and received the Celebrating Successes for Children Award. In October 2009, Willis will be named the 2009 Humanitarian of the Year and will receive the John W. Holland Humanitarian Award in recognition of his Foundation’s charitable work.

Ben Grubbs, Ben Grubbs Foundation:

Established in the summer of 2009, the Ben Grubbs Foundation exists to support youth in single family homes. Ben is a spokesperson for the Maryland Mentoring Partnership. The Ravens offensive guard lost his father to a blood clot at a very young age, and stresses the importance of adult role models in a young person’s life.