How the Ravens and Bengals matchup

When you match-up the Ravens and the Bengals offenses, you would probably think the Bengals would be the better team because of players like Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco.

But numbers-wise--the Ravens have the edge.

The Ravens rank 7th in the league in overall offense putting up 378.7 yards per game, whereas the Bengals rank 13th putting up 345.9 yards per game. The Ravens also rank higher in pass offense (Ravens: 10, Bengals: 18), points per game (Ravens: 4, Bengals: 15) and third-down efficiency (Ravens: 3, Bengals: 12).

The defense, on the other hand, isn’t as one-sided. In overall defense the Ravens rank 13th, higher than the Bengals’ 21st ranking. They both stop the run well and the rankings show that. The Bengals, statistically only give up .4 rushing yards more a game than the Ravens who rank 4th, whereas the Bengals follow at 5th.

The turnover ratio is close as well. The Ravens have a +3 ratio and rank at 9th and the Bengals are +1 and and are tied for 13th.