Ravens vs Bears: How they rank in the NFL

The Ravens are 6-8 all time against teams from the NFC North division. This season hasn’t treated them well either in the NFC, but they could pull a .500 record against them with a win on Sunday.

As for how they rank in the NFL, here you go:

On the offensive side of the ball the Ravens rank pretty high in the NFL. In total offense they rank 12th, and they’re tied for eighth in rush offense. They’re come in at 14th in passing offense and ninth in points per game.

In total defense the Ravens have slowly climbed up to the higher rankings and now sit at eighth in the league in total defense. They come in at sixth against the rush and 11th against the pass. They’re fourth in points allowed and rank 10th at stopping teams on third downs.

Their plus four turnover ratio puts them at fourth in the league.

The Bears however, don’t even come close to the high ranks of the Ravens. Offensively they rank 24th, with a 32nd ranked rushing attack and a 16th ranked pass offense. QB Jay Cutler has not impressed so far leading the league with 22 interceptions.

Defensively, something the Bears pride themselves on, it doesn’t look much better and they rank 15th. As for stopping the run they’re 24th and eighth ranked defending the pass.

Their negative four turnover ratio leaves them tied for 22nd in the league.