A look back at 2009; what was your favorite moment?

The Ravens 2009 season is over; it’s been said a thousand times this season and all for different reasons, but for once, it’s actually true.

No more questions of secondaries, penalties or placekickers. No more questions of what should’ve been or what could be fixed.

As we sit and watch the last three weeks of the NFL season, one thing is true; the 2009 Ravens never let a dull moment slip into their season. It was a season with an offense and a defense quite like we’ve never seen before. A season where penalties and missed kicks, turned wins into losses.

But it also was a season of growth. Joe Flacco adds another playoff appearance and win to his resume and Ray Rice is becoming a household name with his huge season. In the last two playoff games I even heard commentators compare Rice to Emmit Smith. Even Michael Oher got better every game and was dominant as a rookie.

Then there was the defense. As terrible as they played at the beginning of the year they still grew as a team and got better every week. It was another season where they finished in the top six of defenses in the NFL and another season where they dominated the turnover ratio.

For me, this is one of the most frustrating seasons I can remember as a Ravens fan. It seemed that every big play made this season left me searching for a flag and every long pass given up left me shaking my head.

This season did however turn out to be somewhat of a success and there was a few moments that most Ravens’ fans will remember for a long time.

For me it was Ray Lewis dropping Darren Sproles on fourth down to win the game in San Diego and not far behind is Paul Kruger picking off Dennis Dixon to set up the win against the Steelers. The huge win in the playoffs over, as John Harbaugh called them, “the team of the decade” is also something I’ll never forget.

What was your favorite moment this season?