Friday’s featured site:

Friday’s featured site is that of one of the Ravens newest stars, Ray Rice. There’s a lot to do on this site which makes it a lot better than last weeks feature.

Http:// offers a Ray Rice Widget, a shop that has some Rice gear, his Twitter and Facebook accounts, some videos and photos of the Ravens’ star RB and even a Ray Rice blog that you can follow.

Picture 1.png

There also is a “Games” section that is currently in the works, but when that’s up this site will have everything a players site could have.

It’s also possible to sign up to be a member of the Ray Rice Fan Club which keeps the fans up-to-date on what’s happening with Ray, including announcements on new and unique content such as video, photos, blogs, games, special events, and more.

If anyone runs a fan site, or has a favorite Ravens site of their own feel free to leave it in the comment box and I’ll profile on next Friday’s “Featured Site of the Week.”