What does “Play Like a Raven” mean to you?

Play Like a Raven.

Its been the Ravens’ slogan for awhile now and you hear players and coaches talking about it all the time. You see it on billboards and on signs and most importantly, on the the field on Sundays. But, what does it really mean?

While a bunch of different qualities go into “Playing Like a Raven” I’ve always thought it to mean play hard, strong and to never to back down or give up. Every Sunday this past season did not disappoint. The Ravens played hard even though they struggled early. They took down a tough San Diego team late in the game and came a field goal away from one of the greastest comebacks in Ravens history against the Vikings.

What does “Play Like a Raven” mean to you and what qualities does a player need to be considered a Raven?

Also, is there one moment that stands out in your head from last season that epitomizes the phrase “Play Like a Raven?”