Monday morning Harbaugh

Did Joe Flacco express any frustrations on the way home from Cincinnati, once the team was away from the media? “If he did [show that], I wouldn’t share it with you. That’s in-house stuff. That’s an opportunity for guys to be on their own. Everybody handles it a different way. But it’s not like we’re walking around asking guys how they feel. Guys feel the way they feel. We all felt disappointed. We all felt it was a tough loss. But in this league, you have to get over that. You’ve got the plane ride home, you get home, you get to bed, and you get back up the next day and go to work. And that’s what we did today. You go to work, you watch the tape. We’ve had a practice, we’ve addressed all the football issues that came up during the game, and we try to move forward from there.”

What were your thoughts of Flacco’s performance yesterday? “Hey, four interceptions is too much, but it’s not just the quarterback. I’m not ducking the fact. Joe will be the first to tell you he wants to play better. The offensive line and the wide receivers and the running backs and the defense and the special teams would all say the same thing. That just goes for everybody. So, I’m not going to stand up here and single one guy out. I guarantee, on our football team and our coaching staff, every single person has singled one guy out. And who do you think that guy is - themselves, right? And that’s what we do. And that’s why I’m proud of our guys. Joe will be the guy to single himself out. And we’ll all single ourselves out and try to get better and help each other better, and that what’s we do. It’s a long season. He’s going to play a lot better, I guarantee you that.”

What have you seen from Flacco the last few years that gives you confidence that he’ll bounce back after a slow start?
“He always has. He’s always bounced back. He bounced back from a tough first half and led us on that [scoring] drive to start the second half. He’s always done [it in] the past. He’ll do it. That’s the kind of person he is. He’s a competitive guy. He’s a talented guy. He’s starting his third year. So you look around, you look at the history, there are going to be ups and downs. We lost a game. You lose games for different reasons, and you try to correct them and move on to the next game and try to win the next one.”

Has the NFL sent you an explanation on those penalty calls, and have you asked for one? “We always do. We always send that stuff. There’ll be a lot more plays than those two that we send in. I think the league does a good job. They work really hard to try to make the officiating [fair] and make us all understand what the officials are looking at and doing the best they can with it. It’s a tough job. It’s not easy. And, we just move on. It’s not something that we’re going to sit there and worry about. They’ll do the best they can to get better, and we’ll do the best we can.”

What are your thoughts on the LB Terrell Suggs “roughing the passer” penalty call now that you’ve had a chance to watch the game film? “My thoughts are, from a coaching perspective, you try to coach your guy. We’ve talked about this before with penalties, right? You try to coach your guys to do things from a technique standpoint correctly. There are no corrections that you can make on those two penalties. Those guys did exactly what they were asked to do within the rules of the game. I thought they did it perfectly well. Ray got cut, he was going 100 miles per hour, he got cut, he was rolling on the ground, his legs were on the ground, and Carson [Palmer] tripped. What am I going to tell Ray, as a coach? Terrell wrapped up the quarterback and tackled him. So, that’s what we coach our guys to do. They did exactly what we coach them to do. And we just move on from there. You can’t control the rest of it.”

Can you assess CB Lardarius Webb’s performance in his first game back? “I thought he played well. He played outside, played in the nickel situations mostly on third down. I think there was only one route that got away from him the whole game, and he was kind of anticipating a route that Chad [Ochocinco] likes to run in that situation. So, he looked as well as could he hoped for, I think.”

T.J. Houshmandzadeh was hard on himself after the game. When you saw the tape, was he close to making a play or does he still need to get more comfortable with the team? “No, I think Joe [Flacco] put a couple balls there, and T.J. went up to get them and just didn’t come down with them. He made an effort to come down with them, and those are plays he’s made a lot of times. But those are tough plays. But he’s a great player, and he expects to make those plays. So, I was pretty impressed with the fact that that’s how he felt. I’m very certain he’s going to make a lot of those plays this year.”