Talk from the Enemy

Manish Mehta - New York Daily News

- Will Revis be matched up with Anquan Boldin from start to finish?
“From the people I’ve spoken to, don’t expect Revis to play Boldin for 100 percent of the snaps. It’s a tough first assignment for Revis. Boldin’s physical style and crisp intermediate route running will surely test Revis’ ability. The more likely scenario is that the jets All-Pro cornerback will cover Derrick Mason and T.J. Houshmandzadeh too. Defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman told me he’ll gauge whether Revis needs a breather. When I suggested that there’s no way Revis would ever admit to being tired and come out of the game, Thurman said he won’t have a choice.”

- Is Mark Sanchez going to test this banged up Ravens secondary?
“Although offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will take his shots with Sanchez down the field, I don’t expect them to stray from their ground-and-pound roots tonight. Sure, it’s tempting to test a secondary without Ed Reed and Dominique Foxworth, but remember this: The Jets offensive line’s pass protection looked shaky in the preseason. More dropbacks expose Sanchez to more hits. Right now, left guard Matt Slauson’s pass protection is still a work in progress. Right tackle Damien Woody has also looked shaky at times against the edge rush. In other words, expect heavy doses of Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson.”

Daniel Troisi -

“If the New York Jets 2010 quest is to end in Dallas in February, it starts tonight. At 7:00 on national television, it’s time to prove your case to the entire country. Shut down Ray Rice, knock Joe Flacco around in the backfield. Go beat the Ravens, smack them in the mouth. Roll some heads like you said you would. Start off 1-0.

Then we’ll talk.”

Randy Lang -

Rex Ryan: “My players haven’t made those comments. I’ve made those comments. The pressure is on me and not on our players,” he said. “It’s on me. If it doesn’t work out the way I think it will work out, then who is it going to be on? It’s going to be on one person and that’s going to be on me, not on our team. I would disagree there. If you want to win, you ought to be man enough to stand up there and say we expect to win. I’ve got news for you -- we expect to win this week, next week and every week.”

Eric Allen -

Jim Leonard:“A lot of great memories back in Baltimore, but now being a Jet, it’s like going back and playing your family, your brother -- you never want to lose,” Jimmy told me. “I’m looking forward to seeing those guys on the field and talking to them a little bit and going out there and beating them. There’s nothing better than that.”