Another Wednesday at the Castle

John Harbaugh

On what makes Kyle Orton such an effective quarterback: “[The Broncos] probably have, obviously, one of the most effective passing games in history through four games. Kyle has been around. He’s got a real good scheme. They do a nice job in terms of mixing things up, protection-wise, route-wise. You get a lot of different stuff, and they have a lot of different guys to go to. He does a nice job of mixing it up, moving it around the field, hitting different guys. He recognizes coverage really well. His arm strength looks good. He’s been throwing the deep, outside, breaking comebacks really well. So, they’re getting the ball downfield. They’re getting the ball out quickly - all the things that good passing teams do.”

On Lardarius Webb being ready now coming off his injury to start and play the entire game: “He’s getting to the point now [where he can play more]. It’s just been a process; we did the same thing with Fabian [Washington]. Lardarius is going to play more and more. We’ve been very conservative with those guys for a reason. We want to do it the right way. But, he looks good.”

On Champ Bailey still being one of the top shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL at age 32:“He really is. Champ Bailey’s been good for so long, and you see him out there and it never changes. It’s 24 - he’s playing at a high level again. I see his technique as being even better than what it’s been before. Maybe that’s just [because] a guy like him just continues to keep improving. And that’s what makes him so good.”

On whether it is difficult to game-plan against a team with such a lopsided passing versus running offense: “You spend time on defending what they’ve done. That’s the bottom line. Then you try to anticipate a little bit what they might do and what they might branch off of and what they’ve already done and based on what you do defensively. But, we’re not going to ignore the run. You just can’t do it. If you look at Josh McDaniel’s history, he’s a guy that likes to run the ball. There’s a good chance they’ll get their running back back. They’ve got two other backs that have done a great job, too. Denver’s got a tradition of running the football, so it’s something we’ve got to be aware of.”

Joe Flacco

On what has been the biggest difference in the success of the offense the past two weeks as compared to the first two weeks: “Nothing. I’ll say it over and over again: We played pretty good against the Jets, we didn’t against the Cincinnati Bengals, and that was it. It’s one week out of four. There’s no difference. We’re playing good, I think, but we still need to score more points, and we still want to score more points. We’ve played good defenses, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job against them.”

On what he sees from the Denver Broncos’ defense when he studies film: “They’ve got a good secondary, and you know, they’ve got a rookie out at corner, but they’ve got a good veteran core of guys in the secondary, and they know how to play. So, I think we can attack them in certain areas, but they’re definitely good players, and we’re going to have to be careful and be on top of our game.”

On whether he feels more comfortable now than he’s ever felt in this offense: “Yeah, I would say so. I mean, it’s been the longest I’ve been in the offense, obviously. I think we felt pretty comfortable last year, and I think I’ve felt pretty comfortable all along, but I think just due to time and things like that, I think, yeah.”

On whether he feels like he’s been more of a commanding presence in the huddle this season, like he mentioned he’d like to be during training camp: “I don’t know. I don’t know if that was said or not, and if it was, yeah I think you always want to be, and I think I do a good job of doing that when I need to. I think playing quarterback and being a good leader and being that guy, it starts with what I said first - playing good. And if you play good, then guys are going to feel your presence and want to go in there and play well. So, I think that’s where it starts, and I think we’re all doing a good job. I think I’m doing a good job of that and I know what to say to my guys when we need to. And they’re all a good group of guys that want to work hard, so it’s not a very tough job.”