Ravens still hold top spot in one ranking

In his latest entry titled, “Week 6 power rankings: Yes, Ravens again,” NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora ranks the NFL and like the title, he has the Ravens yet again in his number one spot.

How could that be you may ask?

Canfora credits the Ravens remaining schedule as their biggest strength in the second half. “Baltimore - Already played at New England, Jets, Steelers and Bengals; fat part of schedule up ahead.”

This is a gutsy call to put the Ravens at number one, but I think they’ll learn from their mistakes Sunday and with Ed Reed and Brendon Ayanbadejo they are only getting stronger. The Ravens weakest aspect of their game is the special teams and that really hasn’t even been that bad. Add in Ayanbadejo, who was one of the best on that side of the ball, and they only get stronger.

I think it’s tough to put Baltimore at the number one spot, but like I said Friday the two teams who everyone else has ahead of the Ravens, the Ravens have beat.

Canfora knows he’s going to catch some heat and adds this comment on the Jets’ third ranking: “Jets -- Over/under on number of people who will lash out at me on Twitter for not putting them No. 1?”