Time to get your Pro Bowl votes in

Think some of your favorite players deserve to make the Pro Bowl this year?

With the Pro Bowl ballots out it’s time to make that happen.

Last season’s game included a bunch of Ravens, but no real newcomers. It’s time to put your voting shoes on and get Joe Flacco into the game for the first time. Everyone in Baltimore knows that Derrick Mason deserves it too. It’s time to let the whole NFL know how important he’s been to the Ravens. We’ll probably already be seeing Anquan Boldin in a Ravens helmet in the Pro Bowl, but you may as well give him your vote too. Through seven weeks he has definitely earned it.

My hopes are to see a Raven-less Pro Bowl this season. I hope while the rest of the NFL is enjoying a game full of All Stars, the Ravens are prepping for the Super Bowl.

Either way, click here to vote.