Monday Morning Harbaugh; OK with Thursday game?

Every Monday, win or lose, John Harbaugh steps infront of the mic to take questions about the game from all of Baltimore's media members. Here are some of the highlights of what went down in today's press conference:

Harbaugh was asked about Ed Reed's play so far this season: "I'm always impressed with Ed Reed. Obviously, he's a great football player. He's worked really hard, I think, to get himself prepared for the time he was going to come back. And you guys saw how hard he was working. I think it's just a tribute to him, the kind of person he is, how important it is to him, and the caliber of player he is. I've always said it many times: I think he's going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and that's the way he's playing."

My Take: No doubt in my mind that Reed is a first-ballot type guy. It's amazing how much Reed just always seems to be around the ball. For example, in this past Sunday against Miami no other safety in the league would be where Reed was. He stayed a safe distance behind the pass and looked for the tip ball and got it. He also has more interceptions than the entire team in his first two games back. Welcome back Reed; we missed you.

Harbaugh was asked if he would trade playing on primetime T.V. for a regularly scheduled Sunday game: "No, I think it's good. It's exciting to play. Our guys will be thrilled to be the only game [on Thursday]. It'll be a great environment; it's going to be loud, it's going to be at their place. You know our guys are very comfortable with that. We've done that a lot in the last three years. I think we've done it 10 times. It'll be 10 times at the end of this season that we've been in that kind of an environment on the road. So, we'll be looking forward to it. It's great for our guys."

My Take: Honestly, I think Harbaugh is lying through his teeth with this answer. Yea, it's going to be nice to get the exposure, but the Ravens' practice time takes a huge hit. Not to mention they have to travel to Atlanta for this game. I would have no problem playing a Thursday night game if it came after a bye week. On three days rest though, that's just crazy. We're a healthy team going into this game, let's hope that's the case Friday morning.

Harbaugh was asked about Joe Flacco's play so far this season: "I think Joe has done a good job of taking it upon himself to improve as a football player. Fundamentally, he's better. Maybe he's seeing things a little more clearly. It's a lot of things, and the results are that he's playing a little better. But, he can play better than he's playing, and he'd be the first to tell you that."

My Take: Flacco is the man. Minus the Bengals game, which I think all of Baltimore would love to have back, Flacco has been a great leader for this team. He's brought the Ravens back against Buffalo and he looked good against the Dolphins Sunday. He threw a game-winning TD pass against Pittsburgh and kept the Ravens in the game against the Jets.

With that being said I've been waiting for this week's matchup ever since Flacco and Matt Ryan were drafted in the first round in 2008. If you look at their numbers they're very, very similar. The only difference is Flacco has more playoff wins which is much more important in my book. Flacco has also started every game, whereas Ryan has not.