Ray Lewis opens up in an interview with Yahoo Sports

Graham Bensinger of Yahoo Sports got the chance to sit down with Ray Lewis recently and what he got was a very open Lewis.

Lewis and Besinger talked about a wide variety of things, from the NFL's hard-hitting policies, to the double murder he was accused of committing. At about 4:05 into the clip below, Lewis explains a disturbing threat the prosecution made to him during the trial.

He also was open about how people talk about the murder case like it was just was just a video game. Lewis reacted by saying. "there's no start button, two kids died that night."

There's 12 different clips highlighting the interview and this one below is my second favorite. He talks about preparing for a game and how he's changed over his long career. Lewis said even after 15 years he still prepares by studying the other team until he walks out onto the field that Sunday.

He also talks about facing some of the younger kids in the NFL and how he still can play with the best of them.

If you want to check out the rest of the videos, one of which Lewis explains the origins of his pregame dance, you can do so here.