The impressive Harbaugh Era

I wish I could find the clip somewhere, but I remember the moment I knew John Harbaugh was the right man to coach the Ravens. On a nationally televised game, Harbaugh was in an interview with the sideline reporter before the game and the word dynasty came out of his mouth. He said, infront of a national audience, that the Ravens are going to be a dynasty for years to come.

That was in his first season in 2008. So far, Harbaugh has been a man of his word.

In his first two seasons, Harbaugh became the 10th coach since 1990 to reach the playoffs in both seasons. What is even more impressive is that he did it with a rookie QB coming from a Division II school to start his head coaching career.

In fact, the Joe Flacco/John Harbaugh duo set a record in 2008 for the most wins by a rookie head coach and QB combo. Their 13 wins together topped the Falcons' Mike Smith and Matt Ryan's 11 and Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez' 10 wins.

When the Ravens made the playoffs last season that also marked the first time in NFL history that both a head coach and QB had made the playoffs together in their first two seasons at their respective positions. To add to that, the Ravens have won three road playoff games, with no other NFL team having more than two during that span. Also, the Ravens are one only two teams to have won playoff games in each of the past two postseasons.

In 2010, Harbaugh can become just the fourth head coach since 1990 to make the playoffs in his first three seasons (Cowher, Green, Switzer).

If that's not enough, here are some more numbers from Harbaugh's first two seasons that make this seem like the start of a dynasty:

- When scoring 24 points or more, the Ravens 19-1 overall.
- The Ravens are 15-4 at home.
- When offense posts 350 or more total yards, the Ravens are 14-4.
- When offense rushes for 125 or more yards, the Ravens are 20-2.
- When offense passes for 200 or more yards the Ravens are 13-5.
- When holding opponent under 200 yards passing the Ravens are 17-4.

Oh, and one last thing: since 2008, the Ravens have won 28 combined games trailing only the Colts (33), Saints (29) and Steelers (29) during that time span.

Not too shabby.