Sam Koch leading the fan vote

Normally, there’s no surprises when it comes to Pro Bowl voting.

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed usually lead their positions in voting and Haloti Ngata leading is not that big of a surprise. But, Sam Koch is surprising, not that he doesn’t deserve it, but that he is finally recognized as one of the best, at least as the fans see it.

As of December 22, Koch racked up 182,868 fan votes and since voting has ended he’ll take home the fan vote. That counts for 33 percent of the final decision. The other 66 percent is split up between the players and coaches.

It would be really hard, in my opinion, to not vote in Koch as a player or a coach. In his 74 punts this season, Koch has only four touchbacks. That’s amazing when you consider that half of his punts have landed inside the 20. Only 30 of those 74 punts have been returned for a total of 226 yards.

Looks like we’ll find out tonight if he makes it because teams will be announced on the Pro Bowl Selection
Show on the NFL Network tonight at 8:00.