ESPN’s Flem Files highlights the best moments of the rivalry

I have to give some props to David Fleming who writes the Flem File on ESPN Page 2.

In his most recent entry, he points out that, by far, the Ravens-Steelers rivalry is the best in sports. He doesn’t just credit it to the hard-hitting games and close scores - he looks back on some of the matchup’s most interesting moments.

For example Fleming points out the time “when an injured Joey Porter tried to climb into the Ravens’ bus to get at (Ray) Lewis for mocking his boot-kick move during the game.” I had no idea that happened.

It’s a great read to kill some time in a week that feels like Christmas is this Saturday.

There are a few he failed to mention, like when Hines Ward accused coach John Harbaugh of giving a fake handshake after the game and the new shirt that Terrell Suggs wore today in front of the media that showed a raven giving the middle finger.

None the less, I have to agree this may be the greatest rivalry in sports at the moment. The Jets-Patriots rivalry does not even come close to Ravens-Steelers.