Monday Morning Harbaugh; Offense “really close” to an explosion

Every Monday, win or lose, John Harbaugh steps infront of the mic to take questions about the game from all of Baltimore’s media members. Here are some of the highlights of what went down in today’s press conference:

When you say your offense is “really close,” is that to an explosive, breakthrough-type game that hasn’t been displayed yet?
“Well, I think it’s been displayed at times. I don’t know if we’ve had four quarters of it, but there’s been times where we scored over 30 points, where we’ve scored three times in a row. There’s been stretches where we’ve been unstoppable. So yeah, but I’m looking for that game, where we play the whole game that way. And that’s what our players and coaches are looking for, too. So, if we want to win a championship - and I think the offensive guys are saying that - they feel like they need to play that way. And we support that.”

My Take: It’s good to know that the coaches are looking for that game too. How about making it happen. Most people agree that the offense seems to be on a tight leash and until they’re let off of it, we’ll keep getting the same result. I’m not a football expert and I don’t get to see behind the scenes, but it just seems that the Ravens do not adjust well within a game (note their second-half struggles).

A lot of the blame can go to the coaches, but the offensive line has been terrible. I still think if the Ravens can get Joe Flacco some better protection in the pocket, the offense will go off. All of the weapons are out there, but there’s been no time to get them the ball recently. Hopefully, the O-line will step up in the playoffs.

What are your thoughts on having not played the Chiefs much?
“It’ll be new. We saw them the first game last year and haven’t seen them since - when [Chiefs head coach] Todd [Haley] was just starting the program. It was a close game; it went right down to the end, if I remember [correctly]. We just have to study them over the next few days and really get to know them. I think we understand how they’re trying to build. It’s a lot of the New England philosophy, obviously, along with Todd’s personality. You can see it written all over the team - rough, tough, hard-playing team. [They] want to run the ball, stop the run, play well in the conditions, [and have] good quarterback play. It’s going to be a big challenge.”

My Take: The Ravens haven’t seen the Chiefs in awhile, but you can flip that around and say the Chiefs don’t know these Ravens either. Luckily for the Chiefs, I don’t think the Ravens have 38 points in them like last time. The offense has struggled and unless they can finally put it together then we probably won’t see much difference from the Ravens this Sunday. But you never know, the Ravens have surprised us before.

What’s the scariest thing about facing a team like Kansas City who hasn’t been in the playoffs for a few years? They could feel like there is nothing to lose and maybe go all-out.
“I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s anything scary, but I see your point. I think I understand your question, because they can cut it loose. But you know what? In the playoffs, we’re all going to cut it loose. We’re going to cut it loose, too, and we’re going to do everything we can to win the game. So, they’re a playoff team, we’re a playoff team. Everybody’s got a chance.”

My Take: The Chiefs are a scary team to face in the playoffs but they are not the Colts, and that is refreshing. Here’s the thing I look at when judging this Chiefs team: wins over the Chargers, Browns, 49ers, Jaguars, Bills, Cardinals, Seahawks, Broncos, Rams and Titans. That’s not tough at all. It definitely isn’t like beating the Jets, Saints and Steelers. Not taking anything away from the Chiefs, but they just haven’t played as tough of a schedule as the Ravens. They don’t know what’s about to hit them Sunday. They may be a playoff team, but their road there was easier than the Ravens, and the Ravens finished with two more wins than the Chiefs.