Zbikowski would give Ochocinco 45 seconds in the ring

Now that Tom Zbikowski's boxing career is well known throughout the sports community, it wasn't a big surprise that someone would ask him which player he would want to fight in the NFL. It also really wasn't a big surprise that he would want to fight Chad Ochocinco (or Johnson - who knows anymore?).

"Ochocinco talks like he can box," Zbikowski said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Zbikowski went on to say, "I'd let it go for about 45 seconds, I'd let him know what a real jab feels like."

Ochocinco responded with this tweet: @tommyzbikowski you wana go nite nite, you want to box me, for 1 your feet are to slow and you've no hand speed to even be competitive #smh

Zbikowski hit back (pun intended) with this tweet: Dear Ocho Cinco (I won't call you Johnson cause you only get one name change in my book), thanks for following my... http://fb.me/SQoql54b

Zbikowski went on to talk about how he could beat any NFL player in a boxing match, but Ray Lewis would give him a tough fight. He said Haloti Ngata has the talent to be the heavyweight champion of the world.

Zbikowski's fight on March 12, will be the second professional boxing match of his career. With the NFL lockout looming, it may not be his last fight either, according to Dan Kolko.

I think it's also safe to say the Twitter battle may not be over either.

Update: And just like that, Zbikowski has formally invited Ochocinco to a match in this tweet:
In all seriousness, Top Rank and I would like to extend an invitation to Chad Ocho Cinco and his agent to make this fight happen...

Who would you take - Zibby or Ocho? Here's some footage of Zbikowski's first fight to help in your decision: