McGahee shows off his moves on “Cubed”

Well, after a long time away from Ravens Buzz, I am finally back. My last semester of college has kept me so busy, it’s been hard to post regularly.

So what is it that finally brought me back to Ravens Buzz?

If you guessed a dancing Willis McGahee, you would be right (I’m guessing the title gave it away).

McGahee joined the Internet show “Cubed” on to teach the character Bernie to dance. What follows is pretty comical:

<a href="" target="_new" title="Cubed: McGahee 'Double Dream Feet'">Video: Cubed: McGahee &#8216;Double Dream Feet&#8217;</a>

I know you’re just messing around in the video, but don’t quit your day job Willis. You’re a much better football player than you are a dancer.

McGahee is definitely not shy when it comes to this type of thing and you can see how much he likes to dance in his endzone celebrations. If you don’t remember, one of McGahee’s teammates filmed him singing Miley Cyrus earlier last season.