A glitch in the matrix

Something strange is going on.

I feel like I’ve seen this scenario before.

Earlier today, Dan Kolko talked about how with a win Monday night over Jacksonville, the Ravens would move to 5-1, matching their best start in team history with the 2000 team which, fittingly enough, went on to win Super Bowl XXXV.

But the coincidences, at least as far as the schedules go, don’t stop there.

To open this season, the Ravens demolished their hated rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers, getting an early jump on the divisional race. The last time Baltimore began the season with a victory against the Steelers? You guessed it - 2000.

Or this upcoming weekend - Week 7 - when the Ravens head down to face the Jaguars on “Monday Night Football.” During Baltimore’s Super Bowl season, Week 6 pitted the Ravens against, of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars, also on the road and also on “Monday Night Football.”

There must’ve been a glitch in the matrix.

Of course, games against the Jaguars were a little more common 11 years ago, as both teams were in the now-defunct AFC Central. But for those fans who put a lot of stock in weird omens and signs from above, this one is pretty hard to ignore.

And while repeating the end result of the 2000 season would surely be the optimum choice, Ravens fans might not want to hope the bout of deja vu continues over the next month.

For those who remember (and really, who doesn’t?), the Ravens followed their Week 6 win in Jacksonville with three consecutive losses, each time failing to score a touchdown. It’s unlikely that history will repeat itself, but as long as the season ends just like it did 11 years ago, I’m sure fans will live with it.