Jaguars should have their eye on Gruden

Once again the coaching carousel is beginning to circle.

In the state of Florida, things are hotter than ever for two coaches. In Miami, Tony Sparano’s status was in jeopardy even before the season began and now with his Dolphins sitting winless at 0-5, there’s a chance he might be home for the holidays.

Meanwhile, up in Jacksonville, the seat is just as hot for coach Jack Del Rio. One of the NFL’s longest tenured head coaches, Del Rio was supposed to improve off last year’s campaign and, with the Colts missing their franchise quarterback, contend for the AFC South crown.

That dream, of course, is slipping away fast and Del Rio’s days in Jacksonville appear to be numbered. Among the local media down in Florida are some who are suggesting bringing in Gruden to move the Jaguars in the right direction.

Oh, he recently signed a five-year extension with ESPN, you say? My apologies. I didn’t mean Jon Gruden, the man who led the 2002 Buccaneers to the Super Bowl. Rather, as the Orlando Sentinel suggests, take a look at Jon’s brother, Jay Gruden.

While his brother Jon continues his career as a broadcaster, Jay Gruden is in Cincinnati, serving as the Bengals’ offensive coordinator and is a big reason why the Bengals are one the league’s pleasant surprises at 4-2. Jay was part of brother Jon’s Super Bowl winning staff in Tampa Bay and has aspirations of becoming a head coach in the NFL.

After stints in both the Arena Football League and United Football League, Jay Gruden is now in the big leagues, and is turning heads with the Bengals’ young but explosive offense.

With Sparano, Del Rio or possibly both coaches likely headed out the door, the replacements will need to come quickly and while the more famous Jon Gruden continues to chat it up in the booth, Jay Gruden is making a name for himself and could wind up back home in Florida.