Suggs defends his QB on ESPN’s “First Take”

It seems as if no matter what Joe Flacco does throughout his career, he will never make everyone happy. For fans, he’s the easy one to blame (even when the Ravens win) and now the national media is taking shots at the guy.

Terrell Suggs joined ESPN’s First Take and got into a heated debate with Skip Bayless on whether Flacco was the man to take the Ravens to the next level.

“The difference is, they have Roethlisberger and you’re stuck with Joe Flacco,” Bayless said.

Suggs shot back with a sarcastic “Oh my God, we’re ‘stuck’ with Joe Flacco.

“And he’s becoming a really good football player,” Suggs said. “He’s coming into his own now.”

Bayless rebutted with: “Is he a match for Roethlisberger in a playoff game?”

“Absolutely,” Suggs said without hesitation.

“Is he? Was he last year?” followed Bayless.

Bayless then went on to blame last season’s playoff loss solely on Flacco.

After a few back-and-forth shots, Bayless ended with this: “This is my psychoanalysis of T-Sizzle: In your heart of hearts, I don’t think you’re sold on your quarterback.”

“I am 100 percent sold,” Suggs said emphatically. “You can put the camera on me. Go ahead put the camera on me.” ESPN responded by zooming the camera in on Suggs face where he confidently announced, “I’m 100 percent sold on ‘Cool Joe.’ “

“I’m not buying one second of what you just said. I think you’re a great actor,” Bayless responded.

Here’s the thing though, Mr. Bayless: Yes, Flacco had a pick and a fumble in that playoff game, but why didn’t you bring up Anquan Boldin’s dropped TD pass in the fourth quarter or Ray Rice’s fumble right out of halftime. Both were huge plays in the game.

Oh, and there was the crucial third-and-19 that the defense gave up with the game on the line that ultimately lost the Ravens the football game. Flacco and the offense had the team in position to win, the defense just blew it.

If you’re going to criticize just Flacco for the playoff loss, then you’re not doing your job as a journalist. All sides of the ball can be blamed in that loss. Even the special teams messed up by holding when Lardarius Webb took the punt back for a TD late in the fourth quarter.

It was a blatant attempt by Bayless to hurt Flacco and the Ravens and Suggs stepped up to the plate and defended his quarterback. Thank God he didn’t cry like Terrell Owens.

I understand the blame has to fall somewhere when the Ravens lose, but Flacco shouldn’t always be the scapegoat.

Here’s the full video: