Former Nittany Lion, current Seahawk Robinson speaks

In the wake of the alleged sex abuse scandal at Penn State, nearly everyone around the country, from media members, alumni and former players have spoken out about the tragic events that have taken a seemingly squeaky clean college program and imploded it in less than a week.

The details of the case have been reported time and again, but it’s clear these alleged incidents, which have already cost the university’s president and football coach/icon Joe Paterno their jobs, has affected everyone in one way or the other.

While there are hundreds of former players out there, only a handful have been able to make it to the pros. Currently, there are about a dozen former Penn State players on an NFL roster, including Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson.

Robinson became one of the all-time greats in Penn State football history, helping to lead the 2005 team out of a recent string of losing seasons and to a Big Ten Championship and victory in the FedEx Orange Bowl.

That year, Robinson was the senior starting quarterback and did damage with both his arm and legs. The year after, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, where he saw some action before winding up in Seattle, where he is currently serving as a fullback.

At Wednesday’s practice, Robinson spoke to media members, including the Seattle Times, and had to hold back tears when talking about Paterno’s then plans to retire. Paterno has since been forced out by the university’s Board of Trustees, but Robinson offered a few words for the victims in this scandal.

The Seahawks host the Ravens this Sunday.