Returner Cribbs tired of losing

And now for the text following the world’s most obvious headline:

OK, so of course Browns kick returner Joshua Cribbs is “fed up” with losing, as he told ESPN’s Jamison Hensley earlier this week. I’m pretty sure if a player was even “meh” about losing football games, he’d be out of the league before too long.

But as the Browns stare at another disappointing season and another high draft pick next April, it’s hard not to have some sympathy for the speedster.

First of all, being on any losing team is frustrating. But being the best player on a losing team can be down right maddening. And with a regression from running back Peyton Hillis, there’s no doubt Cribbs is the Browns’ most dangerous weapon on either side of the ball.

Cribbs is finishing up his seventh season in the league, all with the Browns as their kick returner and top wide receiver. While he has only 88 receptions during that time as a receiver, it’s in the return game where Cribbs has made a household name for himself. He’s returned 10 balls for scores in seven seasons, eight from kickoffs. He’s yet to find the end zone this season, but that’s not a huge surprise given the new kickoff rule that puts the ball five yards closer downfield.

Still, Cribbs is a legitimate target and in seven years has played in a total of zero playoff games. The Browns have some pieces in place, but they are still several years away from being competitive, particularly in a division with the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals. For now, Cribbs will have to do his best to keep quiet, put his head down, and try to end the Browns’ not so recent trend of losing.