Texans replacing Cowboys as state’s top team?

The Houston Texans have had a banner year.

They finished 10-6, captured their first-ever division title, followed that up with their first-ever postseason victory and are still in the hunt for the city’s first Super Bowl championship. Texans fans are beaming with pride, and rightfully so.

But are they now becoming Texas’ top professional football team? At least somebody seems to think so.

Ronald Martin, a columnist and CNN contributor, recently published a piece claiming that the state’s “football greatness” has shifted from Dallas to Houston. Houston’s recent success, coupled with Dallas’ turmoil and disappointment over the last several years, has brought up the idea that the Texans now control the NFL landscape in the Lone Star state.

Feel free to judge Martin’s thoughts on your own, but at first mention this claim is a bit premature. Yes, the Texans are still alive in the postseason while the Cowboys are sitting at home, but one season of success doesn’t feel like enough to overtake a franchise that has captured five world championships, sent several players into the Hall of Fame and has the biggest fan following in football.

For me, I’ll wait to see if the Texans can sustain this success in the coming years before jumping onto Mr. Martin’s bandwagon. If they can do that, then the argument that Texas’ football kings reside in Houston won’t seem so crazy. But for now, I’d say most fans in Texas still belong to the Cowboys. What do you think?