Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron fired by Ravens (with Mason reaction)

The Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron Monday, according to multiple reports.

Quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell, the former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, will take over for Cameron.

Earlier this morning, buzz started to spread that a major change would be coming to the team’s coaching staff when former ESPN personality Dan Patrick said as much on his syndicated radio show.

But it now appears to have taken place. After years of fans calling for Cameron’s head, they have gotten their way.

The Ravens hired Cameron in January 2008, and didn’t have an offense ranked higher than 13th in the league in his five seasons. Right now, Baltimore is ninth in the NFL in points per game, but is 18th in total offense.

Coach John Harbaugh has questioned some of the Ravens’ offensive decision-making at times this year, saying the team could have run the ball more in certain games. But in recent seasons, he has been resistant to part with Cameron.

Apparently, that wasn’t the case anymore after the offense has slipped since a hot start to the year.

After averaging 424 yards and 30.3 points over the first four games of the season, the Ravens have averaged 309 yards and 23.3 points in their last nine contests. The team has lost two straight games for the first time since 2009, and that also could’ve contributed to the decision.

Baltimore’s ABC 2 first reported the news.

Update: Former Ravens wideout Derrick Mason took to Twitter to voice his opinion about Cameron’s firing, and he isn’t happy about it at all.

Mason unleashed a stream of tweets saying this isn’t Cameron’s fault:

* Players make offensive schemes work! what can Caldwell do that cam wasn’t doing? Remember he was head coach of a dismal colt team last year!

* This firing wasn’t a result of what has happen over the last 2 games! This has been brewing for awhile now! Didn’t raven score 28pts yesday?

* I think the hiring of Caldwell put the wheels in motion for the dismissal of cam.

* Ppl kill me, when can and the ravens offense was putting up big numbers then everything was ok. Now they r in a two game losing streak cont.

* All of a sudden cam can’t coach! Remember joes has gotten better each season in cam! Ray has also!Torrey had a very good rookie season! Cont

* Can doesn’t throw interception! He doesn’t fumble the ball! He doesn’t drop balls in afc championship game! Come on ppl b real! Cont..

* I really do hope Caldwell work out bc if he doesn’t then everyone will blame him as well!! The raven are beat up defensively and it showing!

* 44,23,31,23,31,25,55,28!! These are the number of points titans offense has put up this year! There’s only been 4 time that the raven cont..

* Has put up less then 20 points and they have won 3 out of the 4!!! So it’s not all cams fault!!

* Listen ppl I do believe the decision coach Harbs made was for the betterment of the team but dnt put all the blame on 1 guy.

* I so believe in this organization(ravens) but do you as fans think all of a sudden the problems will go away?