Newsome on Flacco: “He’ll be playing football for us next year” (update)

NEW ORLEANS - General manager Ozzie Newsome left little doubt about Joe Flacco’s future with the Ravens at Tuesday’s Media Day.

Although Flacco will be a free agent after the Super Bowl, Newsome said the quarterback won’t be going anywhere.

“I can say this, Joe and I are in a good spot,” Newsome said. “I did Jonathan Ogden’s contract, I did Ray Lewis’ contract, I did (Haloti) Ngata’s contract, I did (Terrell) Suggs’, and we just did Ray Rice’s a year ago.

“So we’ll be able to get that thing done. But one thing we do know, he’ll be playing football for us next year, and sometimes that’s all you can look forward to is just next year.”

That last comment indicates the Ravens will likely use the franchise tag on Flacco if they have to, but they’d likely prefer to come to a long-term arrangement.

Safety Ed Reed is also slated to become a free agent at the end of the season, and Newsome wasn’t as definitive about that one.

The 34-year-old Reed, who has contemplated retirement multiple times in recent years, said last week that he plans to play next season. But on Monday, he backpedaled from those comments a little bit.

“That question there was asked a couple days back, about this being my last ride,” Reed said. “I’m not focusing on that right now, so that question is pointless to answer, really. I’m not even thinking about that.”

What’s Newsome’s stance on bringing Reed back next season?

“You know what? I want to sit down and talk with Ed once it’s all said and done,” Newsome said Tuesday. “I know he’s totally focused on winning this game in his hometown and once the air clears, Ed and I have gotten to a point where he and I can really talk man to man, and I think we’ll be able to have that conversation a week or two from now.”

Update: Might as well throw one more similar comment from Newsome on Flacco’s pending free agency:

“Well, Joe and I have a good understanding of where his contract is. People fail to realize that he was a dropped pass away from getting to the Super Bowl last year. So what he did was just back up to what he did a year ago. He’s doing a great job. He has great chemistry with Jim Caldwell. Hopefully, as long as I’m the general manager in Baltimore, he’s the quarterback in Baltimore.”