Nothing but odd moments at Ed Reed’s podium

NEW ORLEANS - Following the seriousness of the report about Ray Lewis, let’s visit one of the more odd settings of Media Day: Ed Reed’s podium.

Catch the last few minutes of the Ravens safety’s session and you’d think he was punch drunk, that is, if you haven’t been around Reed before.

Reed certainly enjoyed his fishbowl hour in front of the press.

“This has been my best media experience overall in my whole career,” he said.

But why?

“It’s the Super Bowl,” he said. “Nah, because there hasn’t been a dull question. There hasn’t been a bad question. There hasn’t been one of those questions, like, ‘What are you talking about?’ “

And on cue came a stream of such questions, just to mess with him.

Have you ever had Matzoh ball soup?

“Yes,” an annoyed Reed replied.

Have you ever been catfished (having a relationship with someone online who wasn’t who they claimed to be)?

“Catfished? No, I haven’t been Te’o’d,” Reed answered, drawing some laughs with his new term. “Social networking is crazy these days. It’s everywhere.”

Is the NFL telling you guys to watch out for this stuff now?

“No, we just don’t want to get Te’o’d,” Reed said. “I mean, you make fun of it. You make jokes. But it’s real and you’ve got to be very mindful of the people you’re talking to, especially if you haven’t seen them.”

So on to another topic.

If Kaepernicking is kissing one’s bicep in celebration, what does Reed think Flaccoing would be? (And he wasn’t going to answer, “Dejectedly laying face-first on the turf after a pick-six.”)

“What would Flaccoing be? Throwing touchdowns,” Reed said.

And finally, fill in the blank. You guys will win because ...

“Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is on our team,” Reed said. “That is a huge difference.”

That’s some high praise.