Ravens move practice to Saints’ facility

NEW ORLEANS - The Super Bowl will be played indoors at the Superdome on Sunday, and now the Ravens will be practicing in conditions much closer to that.

After one day of practicing outdoors at Tulane University - on a baseball field because the football field is under construction - the Ravens will be relocating to the New Orleans Saints training facility, where the 49ers are practicing.

The Ravens will conduct their walk-through at Tulane on Thursday before heading over to the indoor field at the Saints complex to practice after the 49ers.

“This wouldn’t have worked out if the coaches didn’t know each other,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh told ESPN.

Earlier at the podium, Harbaugh hinted at a change.

“We’re going to work some things out today to try to accomplish what we need to accomplish over the course of the week and we’re working that schedule out right now,” he said. “We just have to see how that plays out. We’re working on that.”

Safety Bernard Pollard said the team had problems practicing on the lower-quality non-football turf on Wednesday.

“Tulane has been amazing, and they’ve bent over backwards for us,” he said. “We had a great practice, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, guys with knee problems, ankle problems and all the other stuff, after practice and after the fact you don’t want to have to deal with that for the rest of the week and then try to have to clear all of that out of your system to have to go play on Sunday.

“A lot of guys actually iced up last night, got in the cold tub and everything else just so you don’t get the swelling or the fluid in the knees from pounding on the hard turf. We are so appreciative of what Tulane has done for us, but at the same time, we have to get on surfaces that can (help us) continue to be successful all week long and (help) our preparation to be able to go and play full speed on Sunday.”

So the Ravens will be getting their wish.