Reed rips NFL over his fines this season, talks about his future

NEW ORLEANS - Ed Reed is always good for some controversial comments, and this week has been no different, especially Thursday at the final Ravens player availability before the Super Bowl.

The future Hall of Fame safety shared some strong words about the number of times he’s been fined for high hits this season and also discussed the possibility of continuing his career elsewhere next year.

Reed is quite displeased with the fact that he was fined multiple times in 2012, including two penalties of at least $50,000. Reed had a one-game suspension lifted and reduced to a $50,000 fine for a hit on Pittsburgh’s Emmanuel Sanders in November. He then was fined $55,000 for a high hit on New York Giants wideout Victor Cruz in December.

Reed said he met NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at a recent Pro Bowl and expressed that he disagreed with the league wanting to move the All-Star festivities away from Hawaii.

“So that was my first impression of him, and I was like, ‘I’ll stay as far away as possible, I’ll try to stay away from the principal.’ Like school, just stay away from the principal’s office as much as possible,” Reed said Thursday. “But obviously they fined me and the way they’ve fined me has been ridiculous, honestly. The bad part about it that we were just talking about is how much guys have been fined this year and I think I top the charts.

“It’s just bad how the game is being policed this year and the process that we’ve been through from the lockout with us, the lockout with the referees. Come on, man. It was all a joke. I thought the league had really been situated, but they’re the ones making all the money and doing nothing.”

Reed also provided a lengthy response when asked about the possibility of signing with another team when he becomes a free agent after the Super Bowl.

The 34-year-old Reed has spent all 11 of his NFL seasons with Baltimore. This week, he has been asked if playing for the likes of New England coach Bill Belichick or one of his former defensive coordinators - Indianapolis coach Chuck Pagano or New York Jets coach Rex Ryan - would appeal to him.

“I’m dealing with the Ravens right now, honestly. I’m not dealing with Indy, I’m not dealing with no other team in the league. I’m dealing with Baltimore first and foremost,” Reed said. “Once I deal with Baltimore, if there’s something else out there, so be it. Like I said last offseason, I’m comfortable with where I’m at.

“I’m not really even thinking about that stuff right now. It’s all about this interview and what I have to do after this interview. Honestly, I’m not really thinking about all that stuff. The comments about it (Wednesday) were really funny. I mean, yeah you would play for Belichick, yeah you would play for Chuck. Chuck knows that, Rex knows it. I’m a southern boy, too, so anywhere that’s got a beach. So there’s a lot of options, but Baltimore is first and foremost and that’s all that matters.”