Special week ahead for Ravens

The next week could very well rival any in Ravens history.

The Super Bowl alone would make it a special one, but franchise icon Ray Lewis will be playing in his final game while both longtime Ravens tackle Jonathan Ogden and former owner Art Modell could be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next Saturday.

General manager Ozzie Newsome is geared up for the upcoming stretch.

“When we all were kids, you always had a dream of something when you were growing up. For the past 15 months, my dream has been having the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl,” Newsome said. “I think New Orleans is the greatest venue to have a Super Bowl. I’m biased in that aspect. I played in two Sugar Bowls there. As a matter of fact, I played in the first Sugar Bowl in the Superdome. I’m really biased about New Orleans as a venue for the Super Bowl.

“To know that Jonathan was up (for induction) and was going to have the opportunity to probably be selected the day before the game, and then for Art, who is now deceased, but always make it to the Top 15, that has been the little dream that the little kids have along the way when they are growing up.

“Wouldn’t that be nice that we’re playing in the Super Bowl, and then we have the ultimate that our ultimate warrior is going to play his last down of football in that game? I don’t think you could write a script ... We have a lot of great writers here. I don’t think any of you guys could have written that script.

“I’ve got to pinch myself to see if I’m still dreaming.”