Ravens hope to erect statue of Ray Lewis, other topics

Now that the main two topics of the Ravens’ offseason have been covered, here’s a roundup of a handful of others from Thursday’s “State of the Ravens” press conference.

* Linebacker Ray Lewis will likely have more than a spot in the Ring of Honor and a bust in Canton, Ohio. Owner Steve Bisciotti said a statue of Lewis could be in the works.

“I’ll say absolutely maybe. We have to work that out - where and how long it takes,” Bisciotti said. “But yes, I think he set himself apart in Baltimore sports history and we will certainly look into it and I would not be surprised if there was one there in the next year or two.”

* Lewis has said that he wants to be available to give his time to his children in retirement. But coach John Harbaugh was asked about whether the legendary linebacker has expressed interest in coaching and what kind of role Lewis could play going forward.

“All of the guys that played here come back often and they talk to players. They’re always welcome. Of course Ray would be no less,” Harbaugh said. “Yeah, we have talked about it. He knows he is always welcome. He has not expressed an interest to coach. I have asked him. He’s not interested. But we’ve talked about it. Ray is iconic. He is going to do so many amazing and powerful things, and he is excited about those things.”

* Harbaugh also addressed two players who suffered injuries late in the year - defensive tackle Haloti Ngata (left knee) and linebacker Jameel McClain (spinal cord contusion).

“Haloti, nothing serious with Haloti. There are some things in there. We’ll just have to see. But it won’t be anything that should keep him out of training camp or anything like that,” Harbaugh said. “And Jameel, we’re still looking at Jameel. I’m very optimistic based on what Ozzie (Newsome) shared with us yesterday. We’re very optimistic about that.”

* Bisciotti said the players overwhelmingly wanted white gold Super Bowl rings and the team is still working on the design.

“Steve assured me that he’s going to design a ring that I’ll never wear,” team president Dick Cass said.

* After so many people showed up to celebrate the championship, Bisciotti said the team might push for more off-site practices during training camp now that it is held with limited viewing at the Under Armour Performance Center.

“I haven’t thought about it, but we’re not going backwards, I can assure you. We did those three and we want that interaction,” Bisciotti said. “So I’ll push John to do a fourth one. Logistically it’s hard, but we’re not going backward.”

Harbaugh rolled his eyes at the idea of more off-site sessions.