Ravens not concerned about Te’o’s character

Ever since Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o struggled at the scouting combine and his stock fell toward the end of the first round, there has been speculation that the Ravens could take him.

It would be a logical fit with Ray Lewis retiring. But might there be off-field concerns about character and intangibles following his much-publicized episode with a fictional girlfriend?

General manager Ozzie Newsome doesn’t think so.

“Well, we had that question in our first meeting, and what is the issue?” he said. “Is that beating women, is that using drugs, is it DUI? How do you clarify that? I couldn’t. Eric, can you clarify it?”

“Nope,” DeCosta said.

Maybe there’s some concern there, especially when it comes to bringing the circus that would inevitably follow Te’o for the time being.

But coach John Harbaugh believes Te’o is a player a team could trust in terms of leadership and the like.

“I think we’ve answered that. Absolutely we do,” Harbaugh said. “We’re comfortable with him. We had a great interview. You look at his body of work, what he has accomplished, who he is as a person, where he comes from. We feel good about Manti.”