Jerry Rosburg addresses Ravens’ punt protection problems

The Ravens have been known for their defense and special teams being so good over the course of their history that their offense didn’t need to be better than mediocre.

Yet, all of a sudden, one taken-for-granted part of special teams hasn’t been so special.

Baltimore has had two punts blocked this season, one in the opener at Denver and one on Sunday against the Packers, although the latter was fumbled and recovered by the Ravens.

On top of that, Green Bay nearly blocked a second punt Sunday - and would have if not for James Ihedigbo holding up an oncoming rusher.

Still, punt protection is becoming an issue for a team that never had to worry about it in the past. Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg addressed that Thursday, specifically weighing in on what broke down for the unit on Sunday.

“On the blocked punt, there was a miscommunication at the line of scrimmage and then it was followed up by another miscommunication, and then the failsafe mechanism failed,” Rosburg said. “So it was kind of a chain of events that led to a guy running cleanly on punt protection. It was real obvious that something was wrong on that play from the very get-go.

“We’ve addressed it obviously. It’s something that just cannot happen. It’s too vital of a play in football for us to allow it to happen, and we’ll continue to address it. The reason we release practice every camp practice with punt and every OTA practice with punt and every mini-camp practice with punt is because it’s so important.”

Maybe of greater concern is that the two blocked punts haven’t been for the same reason. The latest was a series of miscommunications on a basic punt scheme by Green Bay. The first, Rosburg said, was a Ravens player simply being burned around the edge.

Whatever the causes, Rosburg knows that Baltimore needs to fix it now to avoid another issue for a team already working through enough of them.