Monroe feeling comfortable after two games, nearly one month with Ravens

Eugene Monroe has been with the Ravens for nearly a month since the team sent multiple second-day picks to the Jaguars to nab a new left tackle on Oct. 3.

About four weeks into learning a new playbook, new teammates and a new organization, Monroe said he’s feeling comfortable with his surroundings.

“Yeah, I’m good now,” he said. “I’ve had enough time to learn what I need to. Every now and then, there may be something that in the archives I need to dig up, but I’m good.”

Even though Monroe was drafted by Jacksonville and spent his first 65 career games there, he said his experiences with the team that selected him eighth overall in 2009 eased his shift to Baltimore.

“Well, it’s not really the first time I’ve changed teams. It’s the first time I’ve changed organizations, but in the past couple years, I’ve had numerous head coaches down in Jacksonville, numerous changes,” Monroe said. “That was probably a good thing for making my transition here easier.”

Monroe played for four head coaches in four-plus seasons with Jacksonville. So he’s now in a far more stable situation, as the Ravens have only had Ozzie Newsome at general manager and John Harbaugh at head coach since the 26-year-old lineman came into the league.

But the trade to Baltimore still came with its challenges. As many times as Monroe had to learn a new scheme or a new coach, he never had to pick it up with a new organization, especially in-season.

“You’re behind the curve,” Monroe said. “I mean, the team has had since OTAs to install the offense, have reps at everything that they do. So coming in and learning everything on the fly, it’s difficult. But that’s part of it is over with now. I’ve had two games that I’ve played well in. I’m just trying to continue that trend.”

The Ravens have lost both of Monroe’s games so far, falling to the Packers and Steelers by a combined five points.

But the offense made progress at Pittsburgh, scoring on four of seven possessions and crossing midfield on all but one.

“Not impressed at all because we didn’t come away with six on those drives and kicking field goals isn’t going to win you games,” Monroe said. “You know, if just one of those was six, the outcome was different. So when you get down there, you’ve got to put up points. ...

“I think the team is going to continue to improve. We have all the pieces. We’ve just got to put it together.”