Flacco on wildcat: “It makes you look like a high school offense”

In the latest edition of “Tell me how you really feel” in Owings Mills, quarterback Joe Flacco not only didn’t backtrack from expressing his distaste for the Ravens’ use of the wildcat - he went even further on Tuesday.

Flacco isn’t a fan of the unconventional formation in general and would rather see the team work on what it needs to be good at rather than add gimmicks to keep opposing defenses on their toes.

“Yeah, I don’t like that stuff. I think it makes you look like a high school offense. That’s just my opinion,” Flacco said.

The coaches are aware of how Flacco feels about the sets that put Tyrod Taylor under center and Flacco at one of the wide receiver positions. Flacco also doesn’t anticipate that the Ravens will use it again.

What is Flacco’s job when in that formation?

“Not a single thing. I’m not getting it, I’m not blocking, I’m not doing anything,” Flacco said.

Flacco expanded on why he doesn’t enjoy it.

“I don’t look at it as a slap in the face to me. It is what it is. I want as many chances as I can get behind the line of scrimmage. I just don’t like that stuff in general,” Flacco said. “Me and Tyrod talk about it. It’s just interesting to me. I’m all for us doing things to get better, but we’re not going to be good if we can’t get good at the basics of what we do 90 percent of the time. We’ve got to get good at those things or we’re not going to be good no matter what. I just want to make sure that we’re focusing on getting good at those things.”

And what does Taylor say when you discuss it?

“We all have open conversations about it,” Flacco said. “He understands how I feel, and listen, Tyrod’s a quarterback, too. He probably feels a certain way about it, too. But having said that, we’re all going to do our best to make those plays work and execute them well. We’ll see what happens.”

The Ravens rank 30th in the NFL in total offense (308.8 yards per game), 19th in pass offense (227.1 ypg) and 27th in rushing offense (81.7 ypg).

The team used the wildcat against the Jets to soften up the NFL’s No. 8 defense (No. 1 against the run), and it seemed to help open things up for the Ravens’ ability to pass deep.

After passing for 302 yards, three touchdowns and four interceptions in games against the Bears and Bengals, Flacco was much-improved with the Ravens using the wildcat against New York. He went 17-for-26 for 273 yards, one touchdown and one pick.

That doesn’t change Flacco’s opinion.

“I don’t care how we use it in a game - successful, not successful, after a big play, not after. I don’t care where it’s used. I’m just not a huge fan of it,” Flacco said. “Like I said, I’m the quarterback, I want to be behind the line of scrimmage, I want to be taking the snaps. That’s really the only thing. I don’t necessarily take it personally either, in terms of our offense trying to get better. I just think it makes us look not like an NFL team.”