Suggs not concerned about sackless stretch

When it comes to sacks, linebacker Terrell Suggs has quieted since a monster start to the season.

Suggs recorded nine sacks in the Ravens’ first eight games, only once being held without a sack. However, Suggs has been shut out in that department over the last three games and has slipped behind Elvis Dumervil for the team lead. Dumervil has four sacks in the last three games to give him 9.5 on the season.

Suggs isn’t concerned about the fact that he has no sacks since Nov. 3, and said opponents aren’t doing anything differently to block him more.

“No, I was thinking about that, too,” Suggs said Tuesday. “But it wasn’t like I wasn’t winning (against opposing offensive linemen) because last week, I had some success rushing the passer. I just didn’t register a sack. But I can’t get down on myself. I still have games left and I’m going to continue to play. ...

“I don’t think anybody can count Chicago. It was just a terrible field to play on. But me and (Andrew) Whitworth, we’ve had some battles together, and he just happened to win when we played Cincy. But we won the game, so I’ll take that. And I didn’t get one last week, but facing Rex Ryan and not giving up a touchdown, winning 19-3, I’ll take that, too. We’ve got five left and we’ll just continue to play, continue to work.”

The Ravens’ pass rush has continued to be just as potent, recording 10 sacks in the last three games even though Suggs has none. Baltimore is tied for the NFL lead with 37 sacks this year.

Coach John Harbaugh isn’t concerned that Suggs’ play has sagged or the like.

“Sacks are going to come when they come,” Harbaugh said. “He’s getting a lot of pressure, we’re hitting quarterbacks, we’re flushing quarterbacks out of the pocket, we’re forcing them to throw before they want to throw. Our pass rush has been good. Terrell Suggs and Elvis (Dumervil) - all of our guys - they’re all part of that. But he’s rushing the passer just fine.”

Defensive lineman Chris Canty is seeing Suggs do other things that affect the opponent while he hasn’t been able to take down the quarterback.

“He’s just a disruptive player. He’s forcing teams to double- and triple-team him. He’s getting in the backfield, forcing running backs to change direction, forcing quarterbacks out of the pocket, making things uncomfortable,” Canty said. “He’s being very, very disruptive as a football player, and you’re not going to see that on the stat-sheet all the time. But he’s having a heck of a football season. I’m just excited to be lining up next to that guy every week.”