Webb to have hernia procedure, Gradkowski to undergo knee surgery

The Ravens got out of the season pretty healthy with coach John Harbaugh saying Tuesday that only two players plan to undergo surgeries as of now.

Cornerback Lardarius Webb will have a procedure done to correct a sports hernia while center Gino Gradkowski will have arthroscopic knee surgery.

Other than that, nothing for now.

Webb didn’t miss any time this season, his first after suffering a torn ACL that cost him most of last year. He started all 16 games, making 74 tackles, two interceptions and a career-high 23 passes defensed.

Gradkowski started all 16 games at center for the Ravens this season. Harbaugh said Tuesday he saw the second-year offensive lineman progress over the course of his first year taking over for veteran Matt Birk.

Other than injuries, Harbaugh addressed some other team business, including his coaching staff. The Ravens finished with the NFL’s 12th-ranked defense and 29th-ranked offense. But unless a coach leaves for a better job, Harbaugh doesn’t anticipate any changes.

“I don’t want to get into all that right now because I just don’t think that would be fair,” he said. “I don’t want to say that I’m never going to do anything or I’m always going to do something. I don’t plan on doing anything right now. And you guys are going to say, ‘Oh, there’s an opening, he’s going to do something.’ ...

“I don’t want to make an oath that I really don’t know the answer to for the future. I think every one of our coaches is a great coach. You don’t coach at this level and succeed at this level and stick around at this level if you’re not a great coach, a great coach, and every one of those guys is. What turns to out to be the best fit for guys going forward, opportunities that guys have or whatever, we’ll see how that shakes out probably the next two, three weeks. But I’m happy with all of our guys and I think all of our guys are very quality people and hard-working people.”

Harbaugh didn’t want to go into too much detail regarding what the Ravens plan to do this offseason. A panel that includes Harbaugh, general manager Ozzie Newsome and owner Steve Bisciotti will discuss that in some manner when they meet with the media next week.

But Harbaugh generally said he wants to see the team retain some of its quality players who are set to hit the free agent market, including but not limited to tight end Dennis Pitta, cornerback Corey Graham and left tackle Eugene Monroe.

The Ravens coach was asked about whether adding a premier wide receiver could be a priority, especially after the team never found an adequate replacement for Anquan Boldin this year.

“I think it could be. Those are all things that we’ll talk about the next couple of weeks,” Harbaugh said. “I’m not opposed to adding any good player. As a coach, you want as many good players as you can possibly have on a football team. And I want as much competition as you can have. A piece here or there is very important. A piece here or there makes everybody different, everybody better because it pushes everybody in the role that they are best at. When you don’t have a piece, it pushes them out of the role they’re best at and then you end up asking them to do things they’re not as good at.

“It shows up on the field, so that’s really important. It’s also important to give competition, to push guys, for them to understand, ‘You know what, if I’m going to get on the field, I’m going to have to play really, really well in practice and in games or this other guy here is going to take my reps.’ “