Newsome discusses Rice’s arrest for assault

Running back Ray Rice has been a model citizen since being drafted by the Ravens in 2008, and that’s what makes his incident Sunday so out of character.

Rice and his fiancé were both arrested following a physical altercation in Atlantic City that reportedly involved them hitting each other, according to The Sun.

Both were charged with assault and released.

The Ravens issued a statement about the incident: “We are aware of the Friday night situation with Ray Rice and his fiancé. We have spoken with Ray, and know that they returned home together after being detained.”

Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome discussed it during Monday’s press conference to announce a four-year extension with Terrell Suggs. Newsome said neither he nor coach John Harbaugh have spoken with Rice yet.

“I’m sure within the next 24 hours one of us will. But as far as Ray, I think a statement has already been released from the organization and we stand by that statement,” Newsome said.

Following Rice’s most difficult season to date, where he ran for just 660 yards, it begs the question - will something like this cost the 27-year-old his job?

“When I left my office 20 minutes ago, and John had probably been there 15 minutes before then, Ray Rice was still a big part of what we plan to do in 2014,” Newsome said. “... I don’t know the situation. I’ve only gotten what has been written. ... I really don’t know that situation. With me, I get all the answers. Then that’s when we make decisions within this organization - once we get all the information we can get.”