Cody saw Ravens as his likely destination

Terrence Cody had to wait a while, but he’s now just where he thought he would be - with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens took the Alabama defensive tackle with the 57th overall pick, adding a big piece (literally and figuratively) to their defensive front.


“I had a real good feeling this is where I would be going,” Cody said in a conference call with the local media. “It took longer than I thought it would, but at the end of the day, I’m a Baltimore Raven and proud to be one.

“It was nerve-racking trying to figure out who I was going to go to, but it all ended up good and I ended up where I wanted to be and was supposed to be.”

Cody has had contact with the Ravens for quite a while, and has talked with GM Ozzie Newsome (an Alabama alum) multiple times.

“I sensed that since day one [I would be a Raven],” Cody said. “Since my junior year I Alabama, I sensed they were looking at me.”

Cody’s weight has been a constant area of discussion over the last few months, but as the 22-year-old is now, he used to be substantially bigger.

He weighed 400 pounds in junior college, 380 most of his career at Alabama, and 370 when he checked in at the Senior Bowl.

That was when the now infamous shirtless weigh-in photo was taken, and Cody drew criticism for being far too big and out of shape.

After dieting and working out for a couple months, Cody weighed in at 349 pounds at his Pro Day. He says he’s still around that number, but hopes to get his playing weight down to 340.

“I’ve got my weight under control,” he said. “Hard work, doing what you’re supposed to, eating right. I never used to eat a lot, I just used to eat at night.”

Known primarily as a run-stuffer, Cody says that’s not the only thing he does well.

“I can push the pocket,” he said. “I can make the quarterback run outside the pocket. I showed flashes of rushing the passer. Through my career at Alabama, I didn’t really show it, but I do show flashes of it.”

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