Bengals coach takes shot at Graham

Marvin Lewis, who was Shayne Graham’s coach with the Bengals for the last seven seasons, had some interesting comments today about his former kicker and the two kicks that he missed in the playoffs last season.

“He had an opportunity to come back here and regain what he had here,” Lewis told Cinicinnati reporters today after practice. “Unfortunately he has the demons of the last kicks here when he didn’t make them. He’s got to overcome those demons and whether he could come back to this locker room and overcome them. That’s what the fans remember around here is the kicks that he missed. I wish him good luck.”

Week 2: Sunday, September 19. Ravens at Bengals. You think Graham has that date circled on his calendar?

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was asked today if he feels like Graham is bothered at all by the playoff misses last season.

“I don’t think it’s tough for a Shayne Graham, David Akers, Matt Stover, Billy Cundiff,” Harbaugh said. “Those guys have missed big kicks in their career, and that’s what makes them who they are, they come back and they make the next one. And that’s the one you really look for. How they handle the next kick.”

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