Ed Reed: I’m at 35 percent; status for start of season uncertain

For months, Ed Reed’s health has provided a lingering question mark over the Ravens’ 2011 season.

We knew Reed had an offseason surgical procedure on his injured hip, but how serious was the procedure, and where is the Ravens’ six-time Pro Bowl safety at in his recovery?

Now, we know.

Reed provided an update on his health on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio today, telling hosts Gary Williams (no, not that Gary Williams) and Glenn Younes that he underwent reconstructive surgery on his hip after the NFL Draft and that he’s current at “35 percent” in his rehab.

Here is the transcript of Reed’s comments, per The Baltimore Sun:


“It’s still a long slow process, you know, and I try to do some strengthening stuff to strengthen it right now and I know it’s just weak but I mean, yeah, I had to have reconstructive surgery,” Reed said.

“They had to go in and reconstruct my whole hip. They took about 6-7 inches from my IT band, replaced my labrum that I tore. They went in in two spots, so I mean it’s a slow process. Plus I have other injuries that, you know, really probably had an effect on causing this that I have to pay attention to also. So I’m just taking my time.

“I want to come back. I want to be ready for the first game but I don’t know how soon that would happen, how soon I would be back. You know, we’re gonna continue to do the things to try and get back and at least play this year for the fans, man, cause they’ve been hounding me, man. They’ve been asking me, ‘Are you gonna play? Are you coming back? I would love to see you play at least one more year.’ So hopefully we got at least one more in us.”

Reed said that it’s a “four-to-six month process” for him to get back to 100 percent. Reports are that he had the surgery in April.

“I don’t want to come back too early, man, and injure myself again,” Reed said. “You know, there’s some business stuff out there, you know, dealing with the team and dealing with the organization for a long time and, you know, taking care of things the way I’ve taken care of things for my surgery and, you know, seeing doctors without really their consent or talking to them much.

“I told them about the surgery and made sure I made them aware. But just dealing with those organizational business things, you know, some of those things have to be taken care of also. So my percentage, I honestly couldn’t tell you right now. My doctors were excited with my progress. I’m on my off week right now. They didn’t have me working out this week so it’s been great but, you know, I don’t know, man.

“I could be at least a good 35 percent right now, man. But I’m walking so that’s a huge thing. I’m walking and messing with my kids this week. You know, I even had to do a little running but nothing major where I had any pain.”

Reed then admitted that he finished last season playing with a torn labrum.

“I played the last couple of games with a torn labrum and just messed my hip up worse, you know, going back out there and doing things the way I was able to do things,” he said. “It was at a high level but, you know, [I] don’t want to go back and play in pain, man, and don’t want it to be weak at all. So that’s gonna play a big part in what I’m doing.”

The Ravens signed free safety Ken Hamlin earlier this week, who, along with Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura, will provide insurance behind Reed.

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