Ducking the raindrops at M&T

And here we go.

Despite a couple torrential downpours today, the skies now have cleared, the sun is out, and we’re ready for some football.

Both squads are out on the field for pregame warm-ups, and the Panthers are taking part in those silly-looking organized team stretches that make me think of “Remember the Titans”.

The parking lots were starting to fill up with tailgaters as I made my way into the stadium a bit ago, and while very few people have made their way into the stadium so far, we should have a pretty good crowd on hand tonight.

The Ravens are in their purple tops and white pants tonight. The Panthers are sporting the all-white look.

I’ll conclude with your NFL jersey note of the day:

I saw someone wearing a Terrence Cody jersey on my way into the stadium.

The person was less than 200 pounds.

Needless to say, the jersey looked a little tiny.

That is all.

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