Cribbs expects Ravens to challenge him

Last week, the Chiefs decided they weren’t going to let Josh Cribbs beat them, so they kicked away from the Browns’ Pro Bowl return man, sacrificing some field position in the interest of safety.

Despite the success he’s had against the Ravens in the past, Cribbs says he doesn’t expect Baltimore to employ a tactic similar to Kansas City’s this Sunday.

“Having played for [Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo] Crennel, I knew that he had instructed their team that they weren’t even going to take the opportunity, they weren’t even going to take the risk,” Cribbs said. “[Ravens special teams coordinator Jerry] Rosburg, he believes in his team, his coverage unit and I doubt he will do that.”

Cribbs, as I wrote earlier today, is arguably the top kick returner in the league, and he’s posted two of the biggest games of his career against the Ravens.

Back in Nov. of 2007, at Baltimore, Cribbs had 245 yards on seven kickoff returns (a 35-yard average), and he followed that performance up by recording 237 yards on seven kickoffs (a 34-yard average) in Nov. of 2008.

That 2008 game included a 92-yard return for a touchdown, which, by the way, is only the third-longest return of Cribbs’ career.

Despite all that damage against the purple and black, Cribbs insists that Rosburg will challenge him on Sunday. The six-year veteran knows Rosburg well; Rosburg coached Cribbs back in 2005 and 2006, when both were in Cleveland.

“Rosburg is the kind of guy not to back down,” Cribbs says. “He doesn’t back down. Even when we played here, we used to play good returners and we used to get up for games when we’d have good returners. That’s the kind of coach that coach Rosburg is.

“That’s why I believe he probably will kick it to me, because we got [pumped] up for [elite] players. This is a chance for him to prove how good his coverage unit is. So, he’ll get his coverage units up to stop me to prove to them, to help them for the rest of their season.”

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