Do you like the hype?

Ray Lewis might not like all the hype that’s surrounding the Jets heading into the regular season opener, but Lewis’ Ravens are getting a good amount of national attention as well.

After beefing up their offense this offseason, the Ravens have grown into somewhat of a media darling, and have been picked to either reach or win the Super Bowl this season by a handful of reporters and media outlets.

Of the 75 media members whose playoff predictions were looked at by the guys at The Big Lead, 13 had the Ravens as their Super Bowl winners. has the Ravens as the fourth-highest favored team to win the Super Bowl, setting the odds of John Harbaugh holding up the Lombardi Trophy at 10-to-1.

Back to back postseason appearances, and three playoff road wins in the last two years, have given analysts reason to believe that Harbaugh’s group can make the next step and win a title this year. Harbaugh and his players however, couldn’t care less, saying that it doesn’t matter what’s projected off the field and that their focus is strictly what will happen on gamedays.

These projections are more for the fans than anything else, so with that in mind, I thought I’d ask you, my loyal readers, how you felt about the expectations around the Ravens this year.

Do you like the hype and attention that the Ravens are getting this year? Are you glad that national outlets are recognizing what the team has accomplished the last couple years and are predicting big things this season?

Or do you think that all the Super Bowl expectations are a bit much and you would prefer that the Ravens continue to stay somewhat under the radar?

What’s your take?

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