Harbaugh fined $15,000

John Harbaugh will have to break out the checkbook.

The Ravens’ head coach has been fined $15,000 for impermissible verbal and physical contact during Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, according to the NFL.

Harbaugh got heated following a fourth quarter roughing the passer penalty on linebacker Terrell Suggs, and made contact with line judge Ron Marinucci.

Asked about the incident yesterday, Harbaugh admitted he crossed the line, and said he intended to talk to Marinucci.

“I was a little animated in describing the strike zone, I think, and I think he understood the emotions of it,” Harbaugh said. “I’ll make sure that I let him know that I think I was over the line in my animation without question, and that’s never something you want to do.

“And the point is we had great conversations with those guys throughout the game. We respected - we disagreed and it was animated - but it was respectful throughout. And I know Ron understood that it was respectful, so it should be OK.”

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